Undoubtedly, Lights are Beautiful!

Man harnesses the power of artificial lights like LEDs, backlit advertising boards and digital advertising screens in offices, homes, and shopping malls to attract and engage people. Street lamps, storefronts, and car lights illuminate the darkest night. Even our mobile devices once powered, surround us with light. 

Then there is the beauty of lights in nature: the spectacular sunrise and sunset, the strength of the midday sun, the twinkling of stars, and the loveliness of the moon. Man has evolved to not only love light but to need it.

Philippians 2:14-15 describes the children of God as bright lights among a crooked and perverse generation.  In John 5:33-35, the Lord Jesus referred to John the Baptist as a burning and a shining light and this is what He wants each and every one of us to be – ablaze, aflame, and radiating energy; positively affecting the world around us to the glory of the God (Luke 12:35).

April is the Month of Lights!

1. Be ablaze for God. Light up the darkness in every situation; burn and shine everywhere with confidence. Every so often, release words into the spirit realm because you have the capacity to effect a change. Declare that you are effective in the Name of the Lord Jesus.

2. Hold on to the Word. Irrespective of what your experiences might have been, remember that God’s Word is our guiding light (Psalm 119:105, Isaiah 8:16-20).  It is a more sure word of prophecy- that flicker of light at the end of a dark tunnel or a ray of hope that you can hold on to even when there appears to be no change or sign of victory as yet. (2 Peter 1:16). It is steadfast and sure.

3. Spend time to pray for your country. It is God’s set time to favour the nations. Things can change miraculously and suddenly if you will only take a stand and pray for your nation.

Shine brightly in this new month of April!

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King George

King George

Apr 14, 2023

I am the Light of the world and I'm shinning everyday and everywhere! Glory to God