Courage, Nobility, Strength, Determination, Integrity, Conviction, Self-Sacrifice… These are known qualities of a hero.

For centuries the world has celebrated those who have done bold exploits or distinguished themselves by making a difference in the lives of others; fighting for one cause or the other. An important question however is:  what is the eternal value of the changes or the differences that they made? Or did all those things have relevance only to this earthly realm?

Man was created as a spirit, has a soul, and lives in a body. The man of God, Pastor Chris, has taught that one of the Lord’s success markers is changing the lives of others permanently; affecting all three levels of man’s existence, not just in things related to this world. 

The Bible and Church history are replete with accounts of the amazing lives of men and women who lived their lives with faith unfeigned towards God. They were bold, fearless, and iconic for demonstrating the power of God unapologetically, indisputably changing the world that they lived in.

Obadiah 1:21 tells us Saviours (deliverers) shall arise from Mount Zion; referring to us today. As a minister, are you making a difference with the gospel in the lives of those in your locality? Do you take time to labor in prayer for the salvation of souls and the expansion of the work of the ministry in your country and around the world? Is your selfless partnership with the gospel restoring hope and giving life? Are you taking bold steps to see that the will of the Lord is enforced in your locality despite unfavorable circumstances and seeming difficulties? These are the makings of a true Hero.

The International School of Ministry (ISM) is a training platform strategically designed to enhance the content of the spiritual character of ministers of the gospel. 

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